Grenzwertig FAQ

Here are the answers to some questions we receive frequently. If you have any further questions, write to us.

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Before the Event

How can I buy a ticket?
What is the pre-check-in?
I was only able to buy a pre-check-in ticket, but can't make it to the pre-check-in, what should I do?
What kind of an event is Grenzwertig?
My friends don't have a ticket but I do, can they join me?
Is there an age limit for Grenzwertig?
I don't speak German, can I still join the party?
What is the event motto?
How is the dresscode to be interpreted?
Can I cancel or transfer my ticket?
Unfortunately the entry prices are too high for me, is there still an option for me to come?

At the Location

Where can I find XYZ?
Can I bring my own sex toys?
What does the Awareness Team do and how do I recognize them?
Do I get my money back if my outfit doesn't fit or my behavior is inappropriate?
How does the check room work?
Can my outfit contain light elements?
Do the shoes have to match the outfit?
When does the box office start?
Is there anything to eat on site?
Where do I queue if I visited the Pre-Check-In?
I have XYZ as an ID document, is that enough?
Can I take pictures?
Is there a dark room?
What are the rules for the "Intimzone"?
Can you pay by card?
Where can I smoke?

After the Event

I lost/forgot something, who can I contact?
Where can I find the images from the Photo Corner?
I want to give you feedback for the party - where can I do that?
More Questions?
Just write us an e-mail.